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Linda Perry

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Sessions Online and In-Person, in Caldwell, NJ

     Today is yours--even if this today doesn't feel that way. Some days, just putting one foot in front of the other can feel overwhelming, let alone forcing an empty smile. And yet we're asked to do just that.

​     If you no longer feel real joy, I get it. If you're sometimes overwhelmed, I understand. 

     I can help.

​​     As a Board-Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, my goal is to support your physical and emotional well-being by carefully using medication and complementary techniques. We meet, plan a course of action, watch your progress, and adjust medications as needed. We disrupt the negative cycles you may feel trapped in and open a world of opportunity.

​     Let's work together to get you back to when every day held possibility, when obstacles were confronted, and when you felt like yourself. 



    ‣ Medication Management
    ‣ Collaborative Approach
    ‣ Holistic Approach 
    ‣ Women In Child-Bearing Years
    ‣ Children
    ‣ Preteens and Teens
    ‣ Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum
    ‣ Parenting / Motherhood
    ‣ Anxiety Management

    ‣ Trauma and PTSD


Cornerstones of My Practice

Judicious Medication Management
My goal is for you to get the results you desire at the minimum dosage required. Modern medications are true wonders in effectively improving mental health and life outcomes. But they can have downsides–including possible physical or psychological dependence, interactions with other medications you may be taking, or side effects. My job is to find the optimal regimen that maximizes benefits and minimizes or eliminates any potential downsides.

A Results-Oriented Therapeutic Relationship
Finding that optimal regimen is a process we do together. I prescribe just one medication or make one change to a regimen at a time. This way, you and I will know that Change X caused Effect Y. When we meet, a combination of your self-reports to me and my clinical judgment of your status will inform the next step. Any changes will be with my recommendation and your approval; we will work together to achieve positive results.

A Collaborative Approach with Your Support System
You may have others also involved in helping you face mental health challenges. These may be therapists, counselors, physicians, family members, or friends. I believe that my collaborating with these individuals leads to the best outcomes and gets results faster. They may be able to provide me with information about your status that you are unaware of or maybe better able to describe it with some perspective. If you don’t have such a support system, you can begin working with me and potentially put together such support to ensure long-term, positive results. 

A Holistic Approach
Not every change you make needs to involve medication. I have over two decades of experience counseling patients on lifestyle changes to improve health and mood. I may provide evidence-based recommendations for dietary changes, supplements, exercise, stress-reduction techniques, or even uplifting activities in conjunction with any medication regimen you are prescribed. In combination, these can improve the medication's effects and, possibly, achieve desired results at lower dosages.


Lessons from Midwifery
Prior to becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, I was a Certified Nurse Midwife. Midwifery is much broader than catching babies. I worked with families facing fertility challenges, provided well-woman care before, during, and after pregnancy, and supported new mothers in their challenges ranging from breastfeeding to parenting small children.

Midwifery taught me that a stable and positive mental outlook is the strongest predictor of health outcomes. Life presents many challenges, perinatal challenges among many others. Properly treating mental health conditions has the potential to not only bring back one’s smile and composure, but also improve physical health and overall well-being.

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